Halftime South Africa - What we Do

The Halftime® organization is, in essence, a community of individuals together seeking to support, encourage, learn and accelerate the attainment of a life that is truly significant.

You’re not alone. Millions of people all over the world and also in South Africa are in their midlife, and ready for the second half of their life journey. Harvard-Met Life study shows that more than half of these individuals want more meaning and significance in the second half. But this is still a very new phenomenon.

How do you get from here to there? The healthiest Halftimers do not travel the road alone. Rather, they connect with peers who are on their own journey and learn from others who have successfully made it to the other side.

We can help (assist you). Over the past decade, the Halftime organization has become the leading authority in this space. We focus our efforts on individuals just like you—financially independent marketplace leaders with a deep desire for a second half rich in eternal significance. When you become a Halftimer, we link you to the right resources for each stage of your journey and connect you with a wide network of like-minded individuals you can learn from and with.

As you explore this site, you’ll learn how other marketplace leaders have found their personal road to significance. And we hope you’ll gain the inspiration to start your own amazing journey—a journey of risk and adventure…and fulfilment…and faith.