HalftimeVision Casting

The Halftime Vision Casting is a two hour evening event that provides marketplace leaders with a compelling vision of how their second half could be used by God building on their skills, passions and experience.

Halftime Summit

The Summit event is an in-depth five hour workshop for those from the Vision Casting who really desire to gain clarity about who they are at the Core, begin to create Capacity and to design a best fit serving Context for their second half.

Halftime Institute / Seminar

This two day or weekend event is an in-depth and interactive seminar for market place leaders and/or church leaders to inspire and help them to find their calling and change their personal game plan from success to significance


The Halftime Forum is a 12-month experience designed for men and women who are serious about transitioning their lives from success to significance. Bob Buford, founder of the Halftime organization and author of Halftime, Game Plan and Finishing Well has often said that the journey from success to significance happens “locally, with others, over time.” The Halftime Forum provides you with this unique environment.

Each Forum is limited to 6-8 people. You will be equipped with the tools, resources, peer input, Halftime Coaching and accountability to God’s will for the second half of your life.


Talks about the Halftime experience at:

  • Breakfast meetings
  • Couples evenings
  • Conferences
  • Market place meetings
  • Church meetings
  • Special Events