In 1995, Bob Buford captured his thoughts on the transition from success to significance in a book called Halftime (Zondervan, 1995). In a sense, this book was a natural outgrowth of Bob’s personal journey. After building a tremendously successful cable television business, Buford had embarked on a parallel life of service—by founding Leadership Network (www.leadnet.org), a non-profit that enhances innovative church practices, and helping launch the Peter F. Drucker Foundation for Nonprofit Management.

But the publication of Halftime marked a turning point for Bob and put words to what many people were already feeling. The book was a huge success. People from all over the country contacted Bob, affirming that he had captured “exactly what I’ve been feeling.” Soon, business and professional leaders were urging Bob to create an avenue for those who wanted to answer “yes” to the call of halftime.

In 1998, with the counsel of Peter Drucker, Bob responded by forming the organization that is today known as Halftime (formerly FaithWorks). This fast-growing organization has now grown to include dozens of staff and partners all across the country. Today, Halftime provides a wide array of products, services and experiences both directly and indirectly through other channels (including financial professionals, ministries and churches).

Shortly after the book Halftime was written, a number of South African’s realized that the book captured exactly what they were feeling. Reading the book played a significant role in helping them to redefine their life purpose. With the permission of Bob Buford, Cassie Carstens and Gys van Schoor started HalfTime courses in South Africa in 1998 and still values this as one the most significant Kingdom investments. In 2001 they initiated “Rigters Opleiding” through which they presented Halftime seminars in South Africa. In May 2009 Halftime appointed Tommy O’Kennedy as the first full time director of Halftime in South Africa. A section 21 company was founded under the chairmanship of Graham Power, currently Eddie Albertyn is chairman. Our commitment is to personally accompany individual Halftimers on the road of discovering God’s calling to live a second half of significance in a sustainable way.