Halftime Conference  -  9 March 2012
The first Halftime Conference in South Africa
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Feedback on our first National Conference for Halftime SA, held on 9th March 2012 at the Lord Charles (Somerset West)

  • We experienced how God is at work in South Africa, Africa and the rest of the world and were inspired by real-life stories of people who transformed first-half success into second-half significance.
  • People where blessed with a well balanced program, excellent speakers and a wonderful venue for the event.
  • More than expected people attended the conference from almost every province in our country as well as Namibia.
  • Attendees could network with other people who are serious about transitioning their lives from success to significance.to ignite a life of joy, adventure, fulfilment and impact?
  • People could re-align and refocus their purpose on earth.
  • The Conference helped people to get new inspiration to live a life of significance with joy, adventure, fulfilment and impact.
For we are Godís workmanship, recreated in Christ Jesus, to do the good works He planned in advance for us to do.Ē

Ephesians 2:10

After being welcomed by Eddie Albertyn (Chairman of the Halftime SA board), there was no one better than Jeff Spadafora (Halftime Director of Coaching and Product Development), to help us understand the big picture of Halftime. He took us on a journey to experience the evolution of Halftime as an organisation and what the ministry model looks like. Tommy O’Kennedy (Managing Director of Halftime SA) followed with the dream for Halftime South Africa and how Halftimers “who do the good works which God prepared for them to do (Eph 2:10)” can change communities in our country, Africa and beyond..

Graham Power (Chairman of the Power Group of Companies) share with us his Halftime story. We honour God for what he did in Graham’s life to transform his company and to become the founder of the Global Day of Prayer and Unashamedly Ethical movements in order to impact not only South Africa but also the whole continent. After listening to Brett Johnson (Charted accountant, Founder of The Institute for Innovation, Integration and Impact and author of six books) we realized that Success to Significance is great if it is the fruit of a life of obedience, but it can be disappointing if it is a life philosophy that gives us permission to pursue success first, and pursue significance later in life.

Cassie Carstens (International Christian Leader and Principal of two International Leadership Schools), and the first person to present Halftime Seminars in South Africa, more than 12 years ago, shared how God took him on his own Halftime journey to impact the world. Cassie learned the following life-orientation principles through his Halftime transition:

  • 1. I started to live with a very clear daily sense of being called, conscious of my destined purpose.
  • 2. I started to attend better to ‘the Voice’.
  • 3. I had a much greater sense of urgency, knowing that more than half of life may be gone and that the game must be won in the second half. (no 3rd half waiting!)
  • 4. I discovered the adventure of getting clear, though not preferred, instructions (x5) from God
  • 5. I had a much better sense of priorities since I could gauge my opportunities related to my ‘sweet spot’ in Kingdom work and/or according to the very clearly instructed assignments from God.
  • 6. I started to get a much better feel of ‘moving with the heart of God’(sensing the tears and the joys of God)
  • 7. I started to work intentionally towards a succession plan – empowered disciples!...Knowing that this team will leave a legacy!
It was wonderful to listen to three people’s stories while Jeff interviewed them. Each of these Halftimers, Mathilda Fourie (IT entrepreneur and founder of Faith@Work), Adriaan van Niekerk (Lecturer, Farmer, Member of Parliament, Businessman) and Tiaan Erasmus (Auditor) are at a different stage in their Halftime Journey.
In a two hour session, lead by Jeff Spadafora, each participant could discover and understand his/her own Halftime Journey. It was good to look at our strengths and passions to realign the vision that we have for our life in order to be significant. At the end of a wonderful Conference Barry Tolmay (Board member of Halftime SA) helped participants to do a personal reflection on two important questions. Listen to the reaction of a few people:
What touched my heart?
  • The honesty, sincerity, love and openness of people
  • The passion and honesty with which each of the speakers shared their Halftime story
  • That God want to use every person in His Kingdom
  • How the Spirit of God is moving in South Africa
  • We must become significant and allow God to make disciples through us
  • The total commitment and passion of the people who committed themselves to a significant second half
  • God needs my unique talents – I do have a contribution to make, and I want to do it
  • My life really counts – everyone of us is unique
  • The stories of how God changed circumstances if one follow in His footsteps
  • How obedient people who live their calling, change the world we live in
  • Am I willing to sleep on the ground for what I believe is my calling
  • To realize that there was someone who had gone through what I am going through
  • We have to love and care for others, be just and fair to people and serve others
  • The excitement of being on the journey
What did I learn?
  • Better insight into my passion and abilities
  • Halftime is a journey – different to every person
  • He leads step by step, testing my obedience
  • I must take time to hear the Lord’s voice
  • Listen, be patient and pray
  • Let go, step back, He will give you direction
  • My passion is not aligned to my professional life – I need to do something about it
  • More people are going through the same process I am in – I am not alone
  • I am inspired again to spend time close to God to hear His whisper
  • I realized that the Halftime feeling is not unique to me. Others have been there and changed.
  • Most people are in the same boat. It is good to know there is a support group
  • I have to re-align and refocus my purpose on earth
  • Now is the time!The excitement of being on the journey
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