Executive Coaching

With a toolbox of helpful assessment tools, inside knowledge of ministry opportunities and a broad perspective on diverse Halftime models, the coaches can launch you toward outstanding second-half results. In fact, many Halftime Insiders have found the coaching program to be one of the most effective ways to expedite their Halftime journey.

Your coach is personally committed to helping you gain clarity as you reorient your life toward the things you care most about.

Together, you will address such questions as:

  • What does significance look like for you? And how do you attain it?
  • How does the desire for significance dovetail with the other important elements of your life?
  • How much (wealth, lifestyle, accomplishment, acclaim, etc) is enough?
  • What is your personal mission for the next season of life?
  • How can you find a best-fit serving role?
  • How can you leave a legacy through your wealth?

The process typically involves twelve coaching sessions over a year, However we can match the pace and duration to your specific needs and style.

While most of the coaching will occur over the face to face or over the phone / Skype, your Coach will document all conclusions and action steps in writing.