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Halftime for Couples 

Assessment Tools - The Four Halftime Phases

PHASE 1 - Foundation of Success
PHASE 2 - Journey Inward
PHASE 3 - Awakening Challenge
PHASE 4 - Reaching Potential


PHASE 1 - Foundation of Success

What a Halftimer Needs in this Stage: Vision
Self Assessment Tools for this Stage: Significance Worksheet
Significance Worksheet 

The worksheet will help you understand the difference between a first half of success and a second half of significance.

The second page will help you understand God's perspective on what really matters. (Phase 1)


PHASE 2 - Journey Inward


What a Halftimer Needs in this Stage: Reflection
Self Assessment Tools for this Stage: The 8 Paths Exercise, Personal Mission Statement, Investing in People and The Halftime GPS
The 8 Paths Exercise 

This assessment helps you think about the various roles you might play in the next phase of your life. (Phase 2)
Personal Mission Statement 

Your Personal Mission Statement clearly states what, in the end, you most want to be remembered for. It articulates what you believe God is calling you to do, and it assists you in making life choices that align with your calling.
Investing in People  

& The Halftime GPS 

See what the Bible reveals about Jesus' love for people and what it means for us to love the people around us - at home, at work, in our communities.


PHASE 3 - Awakening Challenge

What a Halftimer Needs in this Stage: Exposure
Self Assessment Tools for this Stage: Life Balance Assessment, Life Balance Exercise and Life Balance Assessment Sketch
Life Balance Assessment Tools: Life Balance Assessment 


Life Balance Exercise 
Life Balance Assessment Sketch 

Life Balance Assessment - A life of significance is built from the inside out. The exercises above will assess where you are right now in terms of overall life balance in three important categories: your inside world, your surrounding world and your outside world.


PHASE 4 - Reaching Potential


What a Halftimer Needs in this Stage: Alignment
Self Assessment Tools for this Stage: Your Halftime Story
Your Halftime Story 

Your Haltime story - Your powerful Halftime story can help dozens of other successful people redefine success and pursue significance.


 "It is not the years in your life but the life in your years that counts. "

- Adlai Stevenson -



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